Buddhist's Final Video: Fare-well and Best-of mashup by Buddhist
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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This is the final WoW-related video I'll be releasing. As titled, this is a farewell video, and as such is broken down thus:

-~30 seconds of me being decent at guitar
-~5 minutes of me answering questions I'm often asked, plus an awesome prologue/trailer to my webcomic
-~40 minutes of my chosen best-of clips from 25 of my past videos

I genuinely don't want you to be disappointed, so if you don't think you'll enjoy what I just outlined above, don't watch the video. Don't waste your own time if you know you won't.

I'm not much of a public speaker, but over 5 years of playing WoW, 3 years of releasing videos, some things need to be said, and many will wonder what I'm up to lately, so I cover that in the video. Unfortunately there are tons of things I forgot to mention. I just don't know what those things are yet. I'm probably going to remember in like a month and kick myself for not including them, but leaving things out is inevitable.

If anything here needs to be said, though, it's this: I made these videos because the viewer-base was hugely rewarding. Without you I would have had no reason to do any of it.

And, for the same reason, I ask you to remain a viewer of my works.

My brother and I have been hard at work, writing a story for almost 2 years. That story is now being realized in the form of a webcomic graphic novel. If webcomics are your thing, check it out. I ask you because I know you, from WCM, are a smarter audience than most (think about youtube comments). Our webcomic has a story that is nothing close to simple, so simple people won't be appealed to it.

Also, we've got a Facebook page

And a Twitter

And a youtube channel here.

Friend, Fan, Follow, Subscribe, Favorite, etc, if you want to, it'd be appreciated :3.

Thanks for all the support over the years, good luck, have fun.
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