Khadgar EU - Bad Dream by RopeDrink
Class: Priest | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Khadgar ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
Hey folks, it's been a long time since I've uploaded anything here.

Short and sweet, this movie is actually quite old, made back during the beginning of the year during (what I think was) S5 of WotLK and was, at the time, a little overview I made for myself and friends on Khadgar EU server.

To quote the YouTube description:

** This is a little dedication movie which goes out to the folks who've made the last week or two quite a lot of fun for me, from mass PvP with mates / arena partners to logging on one day and discovering the world had vanished and falling to my death... Chilling in Dalaran with mates, some of which seemed to have obscene animation bugs, to slapping eachother with foam swords. Being invited by casual fun lovers "Me Tank Got Spanked / HotGL" and them enduring my sad attempt at learning how to DPS as an undergeared Fire Mage and having fun pushing through bosses on our 2nd fun-run through Ulduar, to fighting alone as one of the few dedicated ShadowPriests in PvP at a time when they where broken.

All mixed together with a nice relaxing tune which I think, oddly enough, suits the movie overall and makes it more of a peaceful watch **

Unlike a lot of my upbeat // comedy clips, this one is very mellow and relaxing, maybe even a bit sad.

It has a bit of a depressing undertone as it was meant to serve as a preperation/step towards a goodbye for those who follow my WoW movies on YouTube.

For some reason I have just watched it tonight and felt like adding it to my WCM collection - It'll actually serve as the first non-PvP movie I've ever uploaded here since my PvP series, so please go easy on it as it wasn't originally made with WCM in mind hence it hasn't got all the fancy effects and editing I usually push into WCM orientated work.

This is just my way to sit back and take a relaxing look back at WotLK and compare it to the version I see today, back when Ulduar was fresh and the bugs where plenty.

For those who care, the tune is:
"Keane - Bad Dream"
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