Wabba Ele/Mage 2550+ mmr US Cyclone by Wabba80
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

if ur gonna talk crap and low rate it for aweful reasons such as music or glyphing.. please feel free to leave an armory link or name/server.. cuz i bet itll make me happy inside

- this is simply just obvious faceroll in 2s/3s
-all videos were recorded in a 1 week span
- couldnt fraps many 2600+ teams due to the lag fraps gives me =( didnt want it to affect the outcome.. also i just forgot to fraps alot lol
- features the best band in the world Protest the hero
- lastly.. all 2300 teams featured cept for dk druid.. are over 2400 by now or 3s is 2400+.. nothin special but better than 2300 teams lol

This is my first and only pvp video ill probably release

Thanks for watching hope u like the ultimate nuking mage ele brings

highest recorded mmr 2s 2552 3s 2583


- outro- bone marrow - Protest the hero
- 2min in- bone marrow - protest the hero
- hypocrisy - the faceless
- exist- born of osiris
- Sequoia throne - protest the hero
- Vela, Together We Await The Storm- human abstract
- its not safe to swim today - Veil of Maya
- Palms read - protest the hero
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