Nerf Sap 6 by HappyMinti
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Burning Legion ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
Nerf Sap 6! Recorded on URSIN (not burning legion) - Usa. This is not a nerf video. This is simply a pvp video...

After demonstrating seal fate in Nerf Sap 5, I figured it was time to show you all how prep does in world PvP. As you will undoubtedly notice, the ability for prep to take on multiple targets simutaneously is unparalled; however, seal fate undoubtedly triumphs over prep in group pvp and pve. The purpose of this video was to throw somewhat of a counterpoint to nerf sap 5. My gear is slightly better now than previously; however, I still wear primarily blues, and a grand total of 4 purples. 1 nightslayer, 1 bloodfang, 1 gutgore, and 1 don julios.

My prep build is unique, as you will notice I put only 3 points into mod and 4 into camo (no imp sap). I only do this simply because I have the advantage of perception, and the extra points in mod are not necessary, nor all that useful in world pvp (3 generally suffice). The faster movement speed while stealthed is incredibly under-rated, and in some instances (chasing down people while stealthed) this movie will demonstrate that. Camo = faster stealth sprint speed = great.

You will also notice that my hp has jumped, I recently invested in 100 hp on my head, and stam enchants on everything, I broke 4k. Combine that with the incredible survivabilty of a Prep rogue, be prepared to see me tanking multiple warriors at a time /flex.

The movie is virtually no 1v1 fights. All fights are world pvp, no battlegrounds what so ever. I have no allies in any of my battles, everything is simply solo. Consuables such as tea, pots, etc. are used to conteract the extreme advantage of my opponents, You will see 1v3 fights consistently through the movie, against not only clothies, but multiple warriors, shamans, rogues, and a good mix of all classes of opponents.

I also spent about 6x the amount of time making Nerf Sap 6 as number 5. I used Sony vegas instead of Adobe premiere, so not only are the effects better (I did have the learn an entire new program mind you), but the sycronization of the action to the music is much, much, MUCH better in this movie. I intentionally chose some songs (the last song specifically) so that I could fool around with the syncronization capabilities of sony vegas.

As usual, the movie is compressed via X-VID codec. It is provided in the lower link below the movie's link. It will be need in order to view the movie. Likewise, I apologize if the filefront mirror is slow. IF anyone else is able to provide me with a host please e-mail me.

If you liked Nerf Sap5, you will LOVE Nerf Sap 6. I believe that all but 1 of the fights is after 1.9 patch, you will be able to distinguish simply by the look of my Gutgore Ripper which has a different graphic with the new patch. Recording is the easy part, putting it together is the hard part.

Hope you all enjoy, hope to see you on the battlefield!


Ps. I apologize sincerely if filefront is slow on the download, it is not my fault, and I have no other places to host this movie..
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