Guide to -Full House- Meta Achievment - Text Guide - 10 Men by nexxen
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Nazjatar ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
There are 2 different kinds of tactics to get this achievment.
The very lucky way to nuke the manashield with a 2tank2heal setup and get your 3 undead spawn with the 1. wave.

We decided to go the safe way with 3 waves. This guide works with mostly setups you will use.
We had a feral and a warrior tank, a druid, shaman and paladin heal.

So i edited the very detailled text guide from beginning to the end to help you a little bit during your process to get the achievment.

I think this is better quality to follow the steps then the videos on youtube.

Thanks for watching, every raid will change it a little bit~ so please only comment if it would be useful to other raids.

POV is my rogue, raidleader so dont expect a good rogue gameplay of me. i just talked to much^^
Thanks anyway

Spotlight Info:

The addon that shows Ap, crit etc. works as both for melees and casters, and for sure for any other information you want to show.
Yout can still find it on my filefront account:
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