Abub 9 Shadowpriest PvP by abub
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Warsong ( Ruin )
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abub's Arena Team 1
kadyn Abubadub stazlol
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So after being rank 1 3v3(didnt last long because draek likes to replace healers when his team is rank 1) and bouncing back and forth with rank 1,2 5v5 on shattered hand i xfered back to my original server to play for "fun" lul.

This movie features: World pvp, kelberotz and his rap music clip lol, jipples singing a song just for draek, and then finally some 3v3 arena for all the arena clip fans.

The arena clips were recorded with sound (i didnt even know til i wathced them) which means my teammates couldnt hear a single word i said in any game and pretty much a lot of mistakes because of it. We are currently rank 7 on ruin running shadowpriest/hunter/shaman and shadowpriest/mage/shaman. I only recorded 1 day of arena because my computer is complete shit so ur stuck watching the few shadowpriest/hunter/shaman clips i gathered in that day.

This movie was made to ENTERTAIN, so plz enjoI this masterpiece and glhf in season 8!

Song list- First 2 songs can be found @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnkitltixjU gl finding the names of the songs lol
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