Relentless Gladiator Gaara - Restoshaman/Retri 2v2 by Bartov Gaming
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Bartov Gaming's Arena Team 1
Buttermaster Gaara
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Hi Everybody!

This is a 2v2 movie playing the comp Retpala/Restoshaman.
The first 2 clips of the movie are some randomteams recorded on Eu- Blutdurst where i queued with tehseus on ~ 2850 MMR.
The clips after that are recorded on Cyclone where i play with Buttermaster and with my alt-shaman which i migrated there to show some matches against some decent teams :)..
PPl asked me to show some games from my Pov against difficult comps (such as druid/war, Priest/Mage , WL/shaman..) so i decided to show some clips on cyclone where actually lots of decent teams are queuing! (at this point sorry for the length of the last 2 clips, they were already shorten, but the opponents played rly well and i wanted to show enough atleast to make the tactic clear how to beat them).

Feel free to cotact me for questions about the comp or any other comp i play or generally about the class.

Special thanks to Tehseus and Buttermaster for being awesome teammates and the guys over at Bartov Gaming for helping me so much with editing promoting the movie!! luv you guys!

Armory :

Note: Btw i made my Relentless title on reckoning and now i also moved my main shaman to stormscale.
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