Good Times [Classic] by Pericth
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Norgannon ( Hinterhalt )
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Movie Summary
I apologize for the misleading title "Classic" as it implies a movie about pre-TBC. We didn't mean it like that.
Our intention was to express that we play 2v2's in a classical way, the rogue does not have the envenom specc.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

This movie is meant for entertainment only.


- 2v2 Arena Only
- Rogue / Feral (2.4k MMR)
- No Envenom Specc
- Druid PoV
- ~15min.


I proudly present to you the classical way to play arena in these days. As this is a well known fact, the game is too bursty, there's too much globaling and that is a pity, for it's a shame to pvp.

Originally, we didn't play our rogue / feral setup seriously and we even less thought it to be competitive enough in arena, for the rogue's survivability in Wotlk is the worst ever.
But we proved successful.
We tried to outplay relying on our CC's and to outlast the battle.
Thanks to Kabaji, he's great in playing his rogue.

We started playing this setup in december and we realized that we stand a good chance against the most popular setups. That was our main motive to start frapsing of how we manage to compete with other teams without having the overbuffed wotlk-burst.

Sadly, this movie comes in Druid PoV only. My rogue Kabaji was also frapsing our battles but it wasn't possible to send the raw material via Internet or DVD. With about 110GB the data was just too large.

Well, enjoy the movie!
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