Adventures of Thorin 2 Trailer by BVPmedia (Seemos)
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5 years ago a story was created yet never finished...

Adventures of Thorin 2 - Grubbus the Great

Script is finished... Voicing Finished... Filming and editing Commencing!

Join B-Ville Productions on Youtube for a Behind the scenes look at how we made Adventures of Thorin 2, Video uploaded weekly!

Watch Adventures of Thorin1 here

Join the laziest warrior on the planet..... (Thorin) The hottest herbalist that cant act ( Niaobie)..... And the Dirtiest smelliest full of himself tag-along Hunter.... (Grubbus) on their quest to find the Fadeleaf Flower to cure the plague and get Thorin out of Sponge bathing his plagued brother!

More movie's from HoF member Seemos!

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