World PvP is dead by Pizqua
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***** READ FIRST *****

I am not the greatest movie-maker, PvPer or mage, this is just a little tribute. Please turn back and watch another movie on this site if you're looking for "skilled" PvP. The action was mostly recorded during a week around halloween in the patch of our Lord 3.2.something. Oh, and the "hero" of the story is a level 29 gnome.


How dare I say world PvP is dead when you can still hear a whimper if you move close enough to its coffin?

You'll either have to watch the movie or read on to find out.


"Three years have passed since the mortal races banded together and agreed that flying is the safest form of travel. Still, beneath the pinnacles of the Thousand Needles, one megalomanical gnomette remains hell-bent on world-domination and refuses to honor the tenuous pact between the horde and alliance. The drums of war thunder once again..."


[Tracklist at the end of the video]

You still here?

The following is just my motivations for making the movie in the first place and the reason why I rushed it in the end instead of working it all the way through.

Some years ago I came back to the game after a break and was disappointed by the state of PvP which was always the thing I enjoyed most in the game. World PvP was almost completely gone and in the void was only instanced PvP and meeting stone ganking. I found a little fun in the world PvP my [first] mage-alt bumped into while leveling up, but the PvP at 70 had lost most of its MMORPG-feel. I played battlegrounds and arenas but those never seemed to satisfy the itch. Fighting in the open against whatever the world would throw at me was always *the* PvP-experience for me and at some point I left the game again out of boredom.

About a year ago I had returned to the game again only to find the PvP worse than ever. The intro and title for this movie, along with a story line that unfortunately never made it much further than the drawing board, was conceived while I was waiting for enemies in Northrend who never showed up and reading ignorant posts about world PvP on the PvP-forums. I wanted to portrait world PvP as it really was from its inglorious heyday and all the way up to WotLK but I was not getting any new clips and most of my vanilla/TBC footage was lost. WotLK quickly lost my interest and I used most of the footage of this expansion in a level 70-80 world PvP movie and moved on.

Some time later when I was trying to free up some storage, I realised that my lowbie mage-alt had racked up more clips in a single week while waiting for XP-lock games than my 80 mage had accumulated during the entire expansion. Since I find movie-making a lot more entertaining than WoW in its present state, I decided to ressurect project and alter it to fit Ny. Fortunately, she is a blunt little gnome and writes her own story as she goes.

After slowly having re-done the intro I talked to Dranea, watched Flekz' latest production and gave the whole thing some thought. I realised that I was in way over my head and that the movie I had envisioned would never become reality, even if this re-write was less ambitious than the original. Very little had materialized so far (about 2 minutes runtime and a few drafts) and I didn't have the time or facility needed to record and edit the story as I wanted it to be, however I desperately wanted to finish *something* as postponing the project would almost certainly equal scrapping.

Then a few nights ago after watching Zalgradis, Vicious Mage Clazzi and World of Roguecraft 1-3, I felt as if my editing skills had gone through the roof--a 12 hour session wrapped the whole thing up.

When the rendering was done and I had come down from my caffeine, nicotine and other-dubious-substances-rush, I found the result pretty far from what I originally had in mind. The story line was cut out and replaced by clumsy texts/muck-ups and thus many of the points and opinions i wanted to get across aren't presented in a proper way or has been left out.

Ah well, at least most of the action-shots I wanted to use are still there together with some of the nods to my heroes of old. I'm happy to get it out of the way and I hope you like it for what it is: a hasty-cut salute to the people and things that made me love world PvP waaay back then--based on an old idea and scraps from my hard-drive.

/loo out
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