Confidence Vs. Prof. Putricide [10] by Ghunter
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dun Morogh ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
Ghunter pres:
Confidence Vs. Prof Putricide on EU-Dun Morogh

Good news everyone...Prof. Putricide is dead ;)
Alliance Guild Confidence managed to get him down!
Please check out my other movies (ICC etc.)

Feral-Druid: Ddrths
Prot-Paladin: Aronga
Hunter: Hegarol&Ghunter
Mage: Serendipity
Retri-Paladin: Volkward
DK: Sargnadel
Restro-Druid: Wildranke
Restro-Schaman: Ralah
Holy-Paladin: Tomberlin

David Julyan-Polaroid fades (Memento Score)
James Dooley- Trinity
Immediate Music- Rex Eternum
Position Music- Sanctus
Immediate Music- Zero Gravity

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