Celestior 3: Gladiator Arcane and Frost by Celestior
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Celestior's Arena Team 1
Globaled Deuss Monzingo
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*This video is in HD, for optimal viewing please download it rather than streaming it.

This movie contains footage of the mage's PoV running both arcane (57/3/11) and frost (20/0/51). I've gotten gladiator as both specs s7, and furious gladiator as frost in s6. I've cut down the editing in this video, because I wanted the play to be the primary focus. Excessive editing makes it hard to see the little intricacies and mistakes made across the board, so I refrained from using too much of it. Anyways, making the movie was a fun experience for me even though I get random hard drive spikes while playing from Fraps. The footage was shot across two days of queuing on the Nightfall BG.

Update: It seems there are a lot of comments about the lack of editing. It's an odd thing because most "hardcore" arena players prefer videos with no editing, while everyone else loves editing. I wanted to see what the response would be to a video that showed mostly just footage with minor editing for the hardcore arena scene. I promise that my next video will cater more towards my older fans who expect quality editing. =)

If you'd like to get access to free arena news, guides, and streams, please visit www.arenainformant.com.




Celestior (now Globaled)


Note - This video is in HD, so lower end computers may have a bit of trouble running it. I may choose to release a lower end version for people with weaker computers if I get enough requests. I have heard that VLC's internal x264 decoder has had trouble playing it. For optimal viewing, I recommend Windows Media Player with FFDshow video decoder running. Make sure FFDshow is set to handle h264 decoding, it is off by default on most klite codec packs. (Go to Klite codec pack->configuration->ffdshow video decoder -> set decoder for h264 for libavcodec.
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