The Road to Damnation - Trailer by Farinar Productions
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Farinar Productions Presents:

An amazing machinima about betrayal, fear, and finding yourself in a world you do not understand. Based on the short story by Evelyn Fredericksen, "Road to Damnation" is placed directly in the canon Warcraft lore, telling the story of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad from his time as a wizard to his pact with the Lich King. Action, epic storytelling and one of the biggest characters in World of Warcraft meet.

This trailer is supposed to show off some of the features of the movie: The custom terrain, the amazing camerawork and the fact that the movie is recorded almost entirely in-game. It is also intended to serve as the announcement of the movie.

The release date is currently unknown.

The voice acting in the trailer was by Frozen Deathknight who voice-acts The Lich King in the movie itself.

If you are interested in reading the "Road to Damnation" short-story you can read it here:

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- Farinar and Origano
of Farinar Productions
PS: The Peasant is still coming, keep a look out!
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