DK Solo MC - Ghennis by Holykow
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Movie Summary
Third part of a series of solo kills by a Death Knight in Molten core where I take on the pain in the butt and hardest kill of all, Ghennis.

Build used: 25-0-46 (Deep unholy for 3 diseases and rune tap.

These aren't made to show any leet skills or stupid impossible kills, but to show positioning, when to pull, where to pull and what it takes.

Common consumables used:
~Drums of Forgotten Kings (LWer)
~Dums of the Wild (LWer)
~Flask of Lesser Resistance (Alchemy)
~Purification Potion (Alchemy)
~Cuttlesteak (Cooking)

Overview: 2 adds which sunder armor, Rain of fire being cast every 10 or so seconds, -75% healing curse which is pretty much SPAMMED.

Using a potion of Purification will strip off the curse for a quick heal but it won't be off for long.

General strat is to kill his two adds with the help of AotD then kill him. If you don't have stellar gear and need to heal pop (in this order): Anti-magic shield, Purification potion (this should give you a few seconds to pop the reset), Death Pact, Rune Tap, Death Strike. This should heal you from about 10% to full in a matter of seconds. The AMS to start to prevent the re-curse right away as Ghennis WILL try to curse you again and will succeed after the AMS drops so using every heal you can before it lands on you again is important.

After this fight it's a cakewalk to rag where it was a pain to find the proper positioning but it will be shown in the vid.

Lucifron -
Magmadar -
Gehennas -
Garr -
Shazzrah - Pending
Baron Geddon - Pending
Golemagg the Incinerator - Pending
Sulfuron Harbinger - Pending
Majordomo Executus - Pending
Ragnaros - Pending
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