Zeek and Veek: The Quest For E Fame by Zeek
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gorgonnash ( Rampage )
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Zeek's Arena Team 1
Coldflame Westify Zek
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*update - Thanks for all the kind words and recognition! Even though this project was a headache and a half, I am willing to work on another movie if this one gets some more attention. Remember to rate and feel free to PM me any questions :)

Rendered in 1080p HD and encoded with an x264 2 pass system. If you wish to download the movie but can't view mp4 files on your computer, you can download a codec that will allow you to from the link below...


This is a 35 minute long movie so grab something to nom on and I recommend not skipping around because you might miss something important.

This is my first movie ever. I learned a lot about Sony Vegas during the creation and the final project turned out better and longer than I had planned. My main goal was to create something very different than the normal pvp video so I knew I would have to have some kind of character development and plot. I normally play a warlock and a rogue, but when I decided to make a video I convinced my friend to give me his enhance shaman solely because of how little enhance shaman videos there are. After about a month of editing on and off, here is my movie :). Right now, all I could ask for is a little positive feedback and maybe some constructive criticism so let me know what you think!

This movie contains:

- Enhance Shaman gameplay
- Lightly edited, fast paced arena pvp (3v3 and some 2v2) ~2400+
- Machinima scenes made both in game and with wow model viewer
- A different kind of storyline (don't take it too seriously)
- Confusing model edits
- music that varies in multiple genres (ex. rock, hip hop, trance...)
- mistakes in gameplay
- homoeroticism


Addons used:

- Gladius
- Macaroon (bars)
- LoseControl
- Move The Unit Frame
- OmniCC, OmniCC Shine
- Party Ability Bars
- Power Auras Classic
- Prat (chat mod)
- Quartz (cast bars)
- SimpleUnitFrames
- Spell Alerter
- Tidyplates (enemy name plates)
- TipTac (customizable tooltip)

PS - Currently rendering a lower quality download mirror and maybe a high quality one after
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