Lvl 60 in 10-19 Warsong by Tado
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Ok i was in warsong on my lowbie rogue, i got d.c so i logged onto my hunter and then i went to warsong i ran out ready to pawn some lvl 60 horde! then ZOMG! i saw a lvl 12, im like wtf ;\ hes like wtf!!!, where both like WTF!!, so hes spamming to his friends "WE HAVE A LVL 60 IN WARSONG!" im like YES YOU DO LETS WIN THIS!

So i start to kill horde ^^ i am not a noob for killing lowbies, its just this is a rare bug so i thought id take advantage of it, it isnt that good as i had to download fraps half way in to find out it only records like 20 secs :P anyways i hope you like :P
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