AfflictionDoTcom by Ripness
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostwolf ( Blutdurst )
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Hey Everybody

I present you a download for best quality!

First at all I want to inv every Warlock to make more Affliction Movies
cause its so variable and Destro spec is so much represented. Some see affliction Warlocks so boring cause they didnt see used in all the way, im trying to bring up scenes that gives a bit more than a focus target this means not this movie is the best affliction :) but affli can control many players and I will work on it to show it in the next AfflictionDoTcom this is just to present myself.

This movie contains affliction pvp BGs, this my first affli Movie, I played 2 years affliction in Pve and its my favorit. In pvp I play affli when I get bored from Destro, but I dont know if anyone wants to see affliction so I try this as a test movie to see the feedback. Maybe Destruction is what everyone wants to see, anyway I will spend more time by the next one to edit and catching more Bgs this one was in 3 Bgs as u can see.

Affliction spec is healing u by corruption all the time so more corruption and more heal also haunt heals u back from your opponents name so dont think its a healer all the time.

The Movie has been recorded with Fraps Resolution is 1920x1080.
Well I really hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did recording and editing!

best greetings
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