Overclocked IV Part 1/2 by Øvercløcked
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Genjuros ( Conviction )
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Yo guys this is the first part out of 2 of my 4th movie in WCM most of the clips used for this movie are recorded in Arena Pass Realm with mmr around 2k~ in 3s and 2.3k in 2s.

The first Arena Game in the movie is really dark and hardly watchable its pretty short less then 1 minute so feel free to skip it if you like the rest of the movie should be watchable.

As always i highly recommend you download the movie for High Quality.

Im planing to start frapsing for the part 2/2 of my 4th movie once we reach a higher mmr/rating.

For any further informations about addons etc etc you can feel free to PM me in WCM or even in game / live / Arena Pass realm.

~ Songs Used ~
At The End Of The Movie Full Song List

One Winged Angel - Black Wing Metamorphosis (Intro)

~ Addons Used ~
OmniCC (All of them)

Visit www.Skill-Capped.com for tons of instructional arena videos and informations of how to improve your gameplay from some of the best gladiators in the world.

~ www.Skill-Capped.com ~

Hope you enjoy it.
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