Warcraft Wisdom by Falanor
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What is WoW for you? Is it just a game where you "kill" precious hours of your life or is it something more? Something that you never noticed it was or maybe suspected it to be.
Thank you for your comments guys! Really appreciate it.
It took me almost 3 months to make this. 351 Gb of captured game video 6 hours 4 min total long.
This is a farewell movie for all the people I enjoyed playing with.

Music list is here:
1 - The Awakening (Immediate Music)
2 - Thousand Lanterns (Immediate Music)
3 - Lachrimae (Audiomachine)
4 - Veni Vidi Vici (Audiomachine)
5 - Electric Romeo (Immediate Music)
6 - Proud Nation (Immediate Music)
7 - Akkadian Empire (Audiomachine)
I did not mention Audiomachine in soundtrack titles, my apologize.

!!! SPOILER !!! Do not read if you havent watched please

This little movie tells that WoW is a good tool to improve a person. Like any game it has opportunity to teach, why not use it? Itís a little playground of real life with real people playing in it. Iím not agitating to play this game forever, quite the contrary, I say that it is only a tool which you need to know how to use, and after you used it there is no need in it anymore. Like going to school, it would be funny if somebody would go there all his life.
You need to grow through it and leave it behind keeping MEMORIES which are almost the same as experience, real_life experience of true communicating with _real_ people.
And it does not matter if you understand it or not but memories will stay in your mind meaning your learning. Great thing about it is if you know this, you can control it! You can try to see something behind the game even though many canít or donít want to.
This is great opportunity. You may ignore it or use it. Make your choice.

For those who see this game only as a tool to lull his mind, please, donít discharge your will weakness with my movie. This is your life; you are the only one who has control over it.
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