Jowana - The Devilsaur Hunter II by Jowana
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Cenarion Circle ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary

Ishnu'alah, friends of Azeroth! Jowana - the Devilsaur Hunter of Cenarion Circle - is BACK and BETTER!

Thanks to the kind compliments and support I received on my first movie, I was thus determined to make a better sequel to succeed my original film.

This second movie is more of a remake of the first movie, as it doesn't "continue the story" (not that the first movie had any story to speak of but... this one does!) or anything. It simply improves upon the first movie.

The new features in "Devilsaur Hunter II" includes:

-Improved Tecniques: I have developed a new pulling method as well as made many minor improvements to combat techniques waiting for you to discover; check them out!

-Strategy & Technique Explanation: Now, before every fight, a screen tells you what exactly it is you should pay attention to in that particular battle! A general hunter's strategy guide/advisery is also included!

-More Comprehensible User Interface: I temporarily removed the pretty ranged Macros I made from the UI and replaced them with the default icons for the abilities, so you wouldn't get confused about what abilities I used!

-Equipment Showcase: A short clip is included which showcases my equipments (which isn't spectacular, I admit - but that only makes killing 30 of them an hour a worthy accomplishment, right? ;D). Now you don't have to send me a message and wait for a long time (well, a few days... or weeks... or months... all seem very short in the eyes of a Night Elf, but still! You know what I mean!) in order to know what kind of gear I use!

-Improved Soundtrack: Not that the songs I picked for my first movie were bad, but I was being lazy and didn't turn off the in-game music; if you listen carefully you can hear double-soundtracks going on in some of the clips. Not anymore!

-Last but not least... An Improved Intro and the Addition of a Background Story!!! That's right, Jowana asks you to join the ranks of the Devilsaur Hunters to drive these wicked creatures from Un'Goro Crater, and save the beautiful and noble Red Snouts! (Raptor Red fans will go "YAAAAAAAAY!!!" Okay I probably lost you there... xD)

IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME you have seen a movie from me, here's the economical facts about DEVILSAURS:

-The Devilsaur Leggings and Gauntlets set is one of the most popular start-out armor set for Rogues and Hunters who have just started progressing into the late 50's. And since Rogues and Hunters are perhaps the most popular classes on the majority of servers, this means a HIGH DEMAND for the Devilsaur armor set!

-Contrary to popular belief, Devilsaurs are NOT time-consuming to hunt! On my best days, I hunt up to 30 of them an hour, with average combat time of less than 40 seconds! And unlike Elemental Essences, Guardian Stones, or rare leather/Dragon Scales, Devilsaur Leather is a 100% drop as long as you kill the devilsaur and can skin him. This makes Tribal Leatherworking one of the BEST MONEY in the game, simply because of the combination of high demand for the Devilsaur armor as well as the relative ease to aquire the materials compared to high-level crafting in other professions.

-How much are Devilsaurs products worth? Although prices may vary across servers, back when I held the market alone on Cenarion Circle, the Leggings went for 80g and the Gauntlets 45g; and I can make two pairs of Gauntlets and one pair of Leggings every 1 to 2 hours at the rate I hunt the Devilsaurs. Thus my income fluctuated around 300-900g a week. Even now, with high competition everywhere, the Gauntlets are still going at 35g and the Leggings 60g.

-How much are Devilsaur Leathers worth? Although the purpose of this movie is to teach people how to hunt Devilsaurs on their own, there will always be people who just buys the materials - such as rogues or hunters who can't craft them but want to save a few gold by having someone else craft the armors for them. Devilsaur Leathers are worth 2g to 4g a piece on my server; that means even if you aren't a Tribal Leatherworker, you can still make a decent living from the Devilsaurs!

So come, join the ranks of the Devilsaur Hunters! The Red Snouts need your help! :D

A separate video showcasing Devilsaur hunting using Marksmanship spec (and without a pet.... somewhat) is available here: Devilsaur Hunter Gets Drunk!

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