LOLBURST 2! (Mage/Warlock) by Corporatus
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Executus ( Reckoning )
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Corporatus's Arena Team 1
Corporatus Darkfox
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Corporatus's Arena Team 2
Corporatus Arainya Darkfox
Similar Setups
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After 6 months of waiting the sequel is finally ready for some LOLBURSTING! This time I emphasized more on the entertainment part of the movie (without forgetting the instructional side). I hope you enjoy! :)

To clarify a few things:

° Our MMR is at 2,4k at the moment and MMR of our enemies varies from 2,1k-2,5k
° I understand that Reckoning-EU isn't the most competitive BG you can find and some players MAY suck. You've been warned.
° Lé Clips are from Season 8 (after resilience buff)
° There is still not a hunter team for three reasons a) I wasn't frapsing then b) the enemies sucked/we sucked c) they aren't that common
° We have green pants, Arainya doesn't have a chestpiece *wink* .
° We do make mistakes so don't expect perfect gameplay.

More about the setup:

° Every patch moves the damage more to the mage so it requires a lot more from the mage. The warlock will just hang around and CoE everyone.
° We have played together with Darkfox for whole WotLK as mage/lock and have learned to play together seamlessly. This setup needs a lot of coordination.
° All of the above is bullshit, we just burst everyone.
° I'm lying.

This will most likely be the last LOLBURST! movie but the future depends on the reception. I'd love to continue making movies though whether it'll be more mage tutorials (FOR FREE!), machinima-underground-music-video-collaboration-awesomeness OR BG movies (they suck lol). Or then I'll just make LOLBURST 3! QQ

Boobs are at the end of the movie.

Songs used:

Doublequick - Blue Stahli
Advent: One Winged Angel - Uematsu Nobuo
Safe Landing - Benn Jordan
Going Through the Motions - McFly
Brazilian Flower - Jean Jacques Perrey
I Believed In God - The Flashbulb
The Fountain - Pendulum
Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu - Enrio Morricone
Bad Reputation - The Hit Girls
Autumn Insomnia Session - The Flashbulb

If there is anything you would like to ask, you can whisper me in-game or post a comment or send a PM.

°Unitframes: AG_Unitframes
°Action bar: Bartender
°Castbar: Quartz
Other addons: Losecontrol, Gladius, Interruptbar, Party Ability Bars, Need to know, Power Auras, Mik's Scrolling Battle text, eePanels, Gladiminish.


Corporatus, EU-Stormscale
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