Felony Vs. Lich King - Icecrown Citadel 10 by Stastro
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Uther ( Whirlwind )
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Our guild first Lich King kill.

This is my first video since Burning Crusade, so please be gentle. Recorded it with WoW's built-in Video Recorder (Mac Only) and edited in iMovie 08. I will say that iMovie is terrible. I miss the old version where I could do ramping and other various effects. I intend on recutting this video when I get my hands on a Final Cut Pro.

Songs were chosen based on what I felt were songs that you wont find in every other WoW video however still wanted something appealing. (If you dont like them, that's fine. I do. Let's face it, I could have gone with some bleep bleep bloop bloop uhn-ch-uhn-ch-uhn-ch techno right?)

Endless Dark (616 Version) by H.I.M

Right Here In My Arms by Dope Stars Inc

I Dont Wanna Be by Type O Negative

Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber

Who's Your Daddy by Benni Benasi

For those who ask about the UI, it is loosely based around Weazl's UI. I will be making it available as a downloadable addon pack via Curse and WoWInterface once I work out a few minor tweaks. Hope you enjoyed the video, as it is hopefully one of many more to come.
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