Omanda - PvP (mage v1.0) by Omanda
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Shadow Moon ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Well its been a month or so in the making. Well truthfully I spent 3 months capturing fraps for it and had my HD crash at a point so I lost it all - but I picked it back up with a vengeance.

A few things you need to know about this video before you watch it:

--Its approx. 6 min long.
I made it short to keep your attention. I've watched to many PvP videos that run on for 15-30 minutes and after 5 minutes of watching a Paladin HoJ someone and go to town - it gets old. So I decided to keep it short and sweet with two songs (credits and PvP)

--This is my first PvP Video
Going along with why I kept it really short:
A) World PvP is hard to find. All the people out there sometimes have more skill than battlegrounders and thats what I looked for.
B) Refer to "Its 6 min long." I go back and watch it and am like: wow that was really really short. But thats only because we are used to watching 15 minute PvP videos that people try to turn into movie style. Why not spice it up a bit?

--This is my first time using Sony Vegas 6.0
I've spent months learning the stupid program on my own. So if a few things look shaky or something doesnt match up for whatever reason I apologize now. Im pretty impressed for what I've done and how I did it - but I've got a lot to learn for the next video

--This is a mage PvP video.
Big crits, crowd control and all out massive destruction. 'Nuff said.

--75% of the video was shot on 56k
Do you remember when I used to post about owning fvckers on 56k? Yea well heres the proof. Watch as I lag, fumble and spam "Z" for frost nova (upper right corner of my UI!) because of lag. If you got owned by me dont take it personally. I still < If someone can enlighten me :O

I think I covered everything...

Feedback is welcome - whether it be:
"Wow you're a talented mage. Im impressed."

It'll just fuel me to make another whether you like it or not Smile

This movie only sounds really good if you're blasting the music ^^ .
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