Mitz II Hybrid specs. by Mitzter
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Emeriss ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
----About the 2 fire clips----
I'm sorry about adding 2 fire clips, I just ran out of hybrid spec footage and I decided to put these in. Yea sure, the movie is a bit way too long but since people won't be able to play hybrid specs in cata, unless they change that(I sure hope so), I thought I'd just make it a bit longer.

What to expect:
Lots of engineering
Bad players(Ohai Fiqure)
Hybrid specs, some of them are not even that good but are fun to play.
Invisibility pushed to the limits.
28/0/43 - Frismatic
47/24/0 - PoM Pyro.
27/44/0 - Scorch spams for hot streak. (Low crit dmg but loads of crits because of the clearcasting buff)
0/38/33 - Elementalist
not hybrid: 17/54/0

Hey guys, this is my second pvp movie which shows a few mage hybrid specs. I decided to make this movie because its the end of wotlk, and people seem to get bored of the deep frost and deep fire builds since there is almost nothing new to show.
The footage was taken during patches 3.3.3 - 3.3.5 with about 150-200 ms.
Sorry about the lack of world pvp footage outside of Ironforge since Emeriss is pretty much a dead server atm.

Special thanks to:

I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did making it and experimenting with the different hybrid specs. Feel free to add a skillpoint if you think i deserved one.

Songs used:
Spineshank - Forgotten
X-ray dog - Screaming souls
RTPN - Venom
Naildown - Save your breath
Papa roach - Take me
A day to remember - Start the shooting
The Legion of Doom - Bite to break skin
RTPN - Unnamed

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