ATW: Memoirs of a Broken Dream by Subbywubby
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Jaedenar ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary

hello everyone,

this is a 39 twink video. it consists of dual PoV mage/rogue 2v2 games, with some mage v rogue duels towards the end.

regarding continuity: everytime a pov switches it's within a 1-3 second range of the the previous scene. it shouldn't be too hard to follow, but the map gets split yeah.

track list:

dj tiesto adagio for strings
celldweller - so long sentiment
dead by april - losing you
atreyu storm to pass
dash berlin - never cry again
jem - 24
pendulum - fountain
nujabes - mystline
annd a song by the greatest rapper alive today, it's a surprise! :)

if you're interested in playing within the 39 bracket (or just bored and looking for something to do until cata), you should check out boostz's recruitment video ( or visit the battlegroup forums (nightfall).

if you have any questions regarding the video/bracket, feel free to message me.

thanks for viewing.
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