Worlds worst Death Knight. by Gluttons
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Okay, this IS a first for me on WCM, so please constrain yourselves and refrain from ranting about meaningless things;
I will not feed the trolls.
Secondly, to understand this video properly, please visit this persons Armoury:

So my friend one day, decided to link me a post in the EU WoW forums about a DeathKnight asking for some help about frost..
Only then did I realise he's wearing item 255+ HEALING gear and stacking SP gems..
This guy is either the worlds most professional Death Knight and racking up the worlds best DPS...
Or he's simply the worlds biggest retardation..
Or infact more-so, a professional Troll.
Either one of those suites me fine, since I enjoyed fiddling with Sony Vegas after a few months of not touching it, and I hope people can look on the optimistic side of "Heh, this is actually quite funny".

Anywho, enjoy.
Songlist is:

Cool guys don't look at explosions.

Thy Art Is murder - Whore to a chainsaw.
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