Lich King Movie by WarpAvP2
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The Lich King Movie:

Zomgbies Guild

Although this is just the 10 man version of the kill, it is still an amazing experience to kill this boss. Those credited in the video were the first to kill the Lich King, that of lacking one person I believe. This just so happened to be a recording of one I didn't expect, so with the footage, why not make a movie? Limited as I was; here it is!

Please Note! If it has the option of 480p I think it should be watched at that level, but I'm not sure.

***This video was suppose to be uploaded along with the KT Remix, MC Fight, Skeram Solo, and ZG video, but Youtube's 10 minute limit had this thing rejected for a long time. Well, I can finally upload it as a whole, everyone (mostly) has seen the Lich King fight, has seen how the role-play events occur, how the dialogue occurs, but in this video, this is how I saw how it should play out. You may skip through the fight if you wish, but this was a pretty big deal when we first killed him, as I did play WC3 and (Kinda) grew up with this game. Finally killed Arthas, and it seems like the game is over for me. So here it is; my Guild (which is no longer around due to me leaving) "Zomgbies" -A- kill of the Lich King.***

BE AWARE: I may or may not make more WoW Videos, perhaps in the future, with the new expansion I can return >.>

But as forever- My character was Nazghoul-Staghelm, my name is Ian Burr, go ahead and facebook me. I don't mind.



Uncredited Credits:
and the rest of the Zomgbies Guild!
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