Flaw3-Sub 2v2 W Unmercey by Flaw
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Hello and welcome to my 3rd installment of the Flaw series!

After the release of Flaw 2 I was certain I was going to not be releasing another video until cataclysm, one because I was getting bored with wow, and two because my video card died on my right after releasing my last vid.

I quickly changed my mind however when I got in touch with Unmercey who was looking for rogue rogue footage for Unmercey 9. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to be apart of that video, not to mention the chance to make a vid myself. I couldn't afford to buy a new videocard however so I had to use my wifes comp in order to record. As a result certain addons were not quite set up (Gladius in particular) and I couldn't handle recording world pvp on her comp.

I am the last person to even think of making an arena movie. I don't really care for it in general and I find most arena videos boring. However running double sub rogue 2v2 with a rogue I've looked up to is a rare exception and not something you pass up on as a rogue.

Our opponents are anywhere between 1800 and 2200. Keep in mind some clips were chosen based on entertainment value, not rating. Also some of our strategies were designed with the intention of making an entertaining video, not just reseting the fight over and over for the sake of winning. It would be obvious to reach for the comparison to Spyties video but that was not what we were setting out to accomplish. Theres a huge dif running double sub with no ARP compared to Envenom. If you're here to complain about not being 2800 or whatever then this movie is not for you and I feel you will have missed the point entirely.

What to expect-
2v2 Arena Double Shadow Dance Rogues
Duels Vs Unmercey
Original Music that will most likely not fit in the standards of a normal pvp video (IE NO PENDULUM)

What not to expect-
World PvP (Im sorry!)
Extremely High Rated Opponents.

OK GO! - This too shall pass
Tokyo Police Club - Wait Up
Matt And Kim - Lessons Learned
Teddybears Ft IggyPop- Punk Rocker
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices
Mumford and Sons - The Cave

Enjoy! Comments and questions are more than welcome! Please be constructive.
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