Algalon the Observer - Supermassive by Evac
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Lightbringer ( Whirlwind )
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Hi everyone, this video just shows the Algalon encounter with the achievement supermassive for those who haven't seen the fight/ach.

Nothing impressive in the least, Ulduar is a few tiers old and we're extremely overgeared for the encounter. Plus it's a little funny watching a fight which had a very strict enrage timer at it's time being zerged :].

The achievement is as follows; "Defeat Algalon the Observer after closing 3 Black Holes within 10 seconds in 10-player mode."

Black holes are the black circles you see spawn on the floor after a star dies, you close them by dragging one of the floating constellations (in the air) over them with a taunt mechanic. Just need to do that 3 times within 10 seconds to earn credit.

The achievement portion begins at around 2:30 into the video, as you can see we have them marked with a triangle, x and a circle. We used a hunter, warrior and ret paladin taunt each of them in.

POV: Evac - Combat Rogue

Thanks for watching, any comments/questions feel free to leave them here or on my YouTube page.
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