Moonkin Soloing - Three Faces, Devourer of Souls Heroic by Yagamoth
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Baelgun ( Todbringer )
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Soloing the Devourer is really easy for any caster that has any form of self heal - though only Moonkin can sneak through :). So I set out for a bigger challenge - soloing the Achievement. Well, it wasn't that hard. After I figured out how to walk upstairs without getting hit it was simple execution.

As I already mention in the video, it's a bit sad, that such a bad try actually lead to success. Usually I nuke down 20%-30% per Devourer Cast (Wailing Souls or Unleashed Souls). This time my Starfalls and nukes were badly timed. (After 5 tries I had a good 'feeling' when he would do which stuff, so I could prepare better.)

Whatever, it's done, have fun.

- Random Stuff in the Beginning
- Mission Impossible Soundtrack
- Barcode Brothers - Flute

ps: I challenge all Moonkins to solo Karazhan completely. I've done everything except Melchazaar. I'd love to see this freak die to a single Moonkin. My best attempt ended at 20% so far.

Character name: Yagamoth
Realm: EU-Baelgun

Edit: Finding the Flute Music on Youtube with this search string:
Greatest Electronic Music Of All Times: Flute
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