Flaw Cata Beta Rogue Duels by Flaw
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Archimonde ( Stormstrike )
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Hello and welcome to yet another video lol.

My wife recently got invited to the Cata Beta so naturally I jumped on the opportunity to try out some lvl 85 action >:)

I didn't call this Flaw 4 because I dont consider this a serious effort at a pvp video. This is simply an opportunity for me to show you some of the new Rogue abilities in action, not just some random youtube video of someone clicking smokebomb.

All of the gear looks like low lvl cloth, but I assure you it is actual gear. The graphics are simply a placeholder until the real graphics come out. Keep in mind that unless they transfered their own character, nobody has resilience or a pvp trinket. Before you go throwing around buzzwords like "OP" and "NERF", consider that once people actually have gear, and know what they are doing, the fights will be much different. This is by no means an accurate representation of how pvp is going to be. Most of the opponents probably have no clue what is going on, and for the most part I do not either. I've only been playing for 3 days lol.

People complaining about imbalances need to just figure out how to adapt. I complained forever when Second Wind was given to warriors, and then I figured out how to beat them without stunlocking as much. These warriors need to figure out how Combat Readiness works and how to counter it. 5k ticks on recuperate are more than possible to out damage, people just dont know how to damage me yet... They simply don't know what they are doing yet. It's beta, what do you expect.

Enjoy it for what it is, fun. (and literally your only chance to watch a cata pvp vid atm)

Song list
A Silent Film - You will leave a mark
New Politics - Yeah Yeah Yeah
White Rabbits - Percussion gun

A side note about my spec. I chose a spec that relies heavily on bleeds in order to try something new. Everyone knows what cheat death and HAT do, I wanted to show something new and see if blizzard was on to something. I also gave up backstab and rely on hemo for combo generation. The basic idea of my spec is to keep bleeds up and keep recuperate up at all times while avoiding damage. The longer you avoid being hit, the more the hp you get back and the more they lose. 5-8 Kiting has returned >:)!

Remember when people actually had to work for their damage and didnt just passively kill you with their pets and reflective damage like thorns and bubble on accident. You actually had to line up your shatter combos as a mage and knocking a rogue out of vanish wasn't an accident. I think a rolling HoT is what a rogue needed to counter all the accidental damage people do without even thinking about it. The ones that kill you on beta are the ones that know wtf they are doing, and that my friend is a good thing.
A 5k heal is nothing when people are bursting for 15-20 k in greens. Decent opponents had no problem dpsing through it. This just weeds out the bads who simply out class the rogue.

One thing I would like to point out is that vs the Melee classes (wich is where I clearly dominated the most) I also had Combat Readiness that reduced my damage taken by 50%. That combined with Recuperate was enough to out heal their damage, which brings me to back to my original argument that recuperate isnt the issue, my opponents not adapting correctly is. If they had stopped hitting me for 6 secs I would have been taking full damage instead of half, and recuperate would not have been enough to out heal them. A good dk or a good war or a good hunter or a good druid would simply kite me and play defensive until it fell off.
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