Bloodline Champions Contest Teaser - Black Magik by iph
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So this is like a presentation/trailer/fragmovie type video. The first segment is the presentation part where I show the main archetypes (bloodlines I thought were appropriate for the type of atmosphere I was going for,) and then move on to show some footage from the game recorded in spectator mode, jumping between different camera angles (top-down and eye-level) etc. From the very beginning, the video is perfectly synchronized to the music that's playing (for example, the drums and percussion in the 2nd segment), and it stays that way throughout the whole movie, so obviously it's very important that the audio-video synchronization remains intact after the movie's uploaded *crosses fingers*. The remaining two segments differ a little bit in that they show the game from my POV and are supposed to resemble a fragmovie ("resemble", as there's only so much you can do while recording 1.5GB / 60sec pub vids at 30fps.) It turns out that the hardest part in this whole movie making process is coming with a suitable title, so, yeah, Black Magik... I hope you enjoy watching my video as much as I enjoyed working on it.
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