Shipley's R.I.P. Vanish (Shadowdance PVP) by Shipleyy
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
WARNING: before you watch I would like to state i'm just an average rogue that likes to pvp and edit made this video for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!!!!! Theres alot of vanish breaking and Vanish immune and stuff that you wont see past this upcoming patch, so0o0o0 yeah I decided to include a lot of it because i personally think its one of the coolest tricks a rogue has up his sleeve ANYHOWWWWW watch it, love it, hate it, peace.
What to expect:

for some reasons my masks looked fine until the finished version sorry for that :(


Vanish immune - Ill miss you....kinda


2300+ mmr RMP as shadowdance sorry saline :/


Mage Rogue, Priest Rogue

More Duelz

More Shadowdancing

More over editing

Emerge - Fischerspooner

Suburban war - The Arcade Fire

Black and white town - The Doves

Teardrop - Massive Attack

Please mute rather than downrate if you don't like music
(cant please everyone)
P.S. if you play BFBC2 or MW2 I like to snipe also so check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL :)
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