The Xanoic Brotherhood presents: Ding! by Dreyfusxano
Class: Warrior | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Durotan ( Ruin )
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After a long bout with laziness I have finally finished my next peice of work.

This music video is sort of symbolic of my starting WoW along with a look back at the starting human experience. When I first started WoW, I, like many of you, was not aware of what was going to happen to me once I left Elwynn and the shelter of the starting area. I didn't nessecarily do all of the quests at first in that area but eventually did after becoming more comfortable with the game.

I was unaware of the trial that awaited me of getting my first 60% speed mount, and the kindness of that guy in golden armor from Cath, the grind to Exalted for the 100% night elf tiger, or the epicness that awaited in Vanilla content. I originally was in a guild that had just rocked Molten Core(no pun intended), and was progressing really far. I was in line to get a Thunderfury but because of a misunderstanding about a drop, the guild disbanded and I was left to guild hop numerous times, even becoming a GM temporarily during the BC era. Then what followed was the process of gearing up in random greens, blues and purples as is the case in any leveling experience, then starting the process all over again. I was so upset over losing that chance at a Thunderfury and I had thought at the time that I was not going to get another chance for a while, while wandering BC content and then getting into Wrath content and being stupidly overpowered. I was at a point now that I could go back and get it myself but it would only be for bragging rights, putting the sword on my keychain so to speak. I wasn't overly concerned about getting Illidan's glaives because technically having a Thunderfury was still viable in BC content.

Well BC came and left, and then Wrath was announced and made,I realized I could go back to MC anytime I wanted and literally solo it. I skipped over many things that I could have put in this video but this will suffice.

I hope you enjoy the work that I have put into this and the next video I plan on doing won't be a rap but I hope to make it just as awesome as this.

I forgot to add this at the end of my video but Everything in this video belongs to who it belongs to, but the idea belongs to me. This video was made strictly for entertainment purposes
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