End'o'Kischa! by Kischa
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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So, I decided to play the last few days of my paid gametime. I wanted to have my druid logged out on GM Island, because!

Therefore I decided to play on my mage. This is made for entertainment purposes only, and skillpoints shall stay away from here! (Because I'm shit, of course). I hope you all enjoy my last video!

What will this movie contain of?

World PvP
-Zooming like WoRC! (Takes skill!)-
Random clips I've had on my computer for a few months-1 year or so!
2-7 Mages Vs. Orgrimmar! ;) (Frostmane is like the most crowded server out there, I believe. Hordes spotted us PRETTY quickly).

Music is a mix my brother threw together for a LAN that we were going to, where he was fixing the music. Can throw a DL link up if you want to, it's a 3h 45min mix of TRANCE (Not made by my brother, he put 'em together).

Peace out people! Kischa's not returning for sure now!

My tag-picture is made by a person on Balnazzar-EU, an ingame friend of me, who made it for my birthday!

*Fuck me, first video I forget about WCM Promo, last video I forget about WCM Promo. Bah!"

---------------------Watch the movie first---------------------
I didn't really think about releasing this movie, but as I got permanently banned two days before I was suppose to quit the game for good, I decided to do so anyway.
I will absolutely not waste money on a fourth account (First account got permabanned, I've had a RaF account which now is my brothers, and this, also permabanned, account. To top it off, 6 char transfers!)

Category of Violation: Extreme Exploitation

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