Cataclysm Zones - Deepholm by ThyrelR
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[Warning] This video contains content of the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. If you don't want to get spoilt, don't watch it.

A short but visually appealing preview of Deepholm, a new zones added with Cataclysm - one of the four "levels" of the Elemental Plane, occupied by the earth elementals.

Deepholm is lined with caves, tunnels and endless passageways. Worms, burrowing animals and other subterranean creatures abound. The surface of this land is not pleasant to live on, but hardy plants and animals do eke out an existence here. Life for them is short and vicious, but Therazane the Stonemother nurtures them when she can.

Groove Addicts - Interstellar
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