Shipley Cata Arena & Duels 85 Goblin Shadowdance PvP by Shipleyy
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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I make videos for the sole purpose of entertainment only!! I just enjoy playing the game and editing. I don't by any means think I am the best or close to it. That being said...

________WHAT TO EXPECT___________

OVEREDITING: If you downrate for overediting after reading this its like buying a rap cd and saying it's bad music but you knew you didnt like rap DURRRRrrrr

Cataclysm Beta level 85 PvP as a Goblin Rogue spec Shadow dance

The new racial abilty ROCKET JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this ability :)

2v2 ft. Bino (Pro Feral Druid) - no skype, no addons, no wotlk
Never played with each other before and only for 2 hours LOL :P
Its quite a fun (OP) comp. Hope to play with him another day
P.S. was gonna blind AFTER the cyclone hovered my finger over it then misclicked early lol was just having fun

Duels ft. Flaw/Undo (Best rogue dueler ever!!!)
I only put 2 wins in because I literally only had a hand full of wins against him after over 3 hours of non stop dueling. He will be releasing a video soon with me getting owned WATCH IT!! srsly

Hope you enjoy my video and hope to see you in cata


Swedish House Mafia - One (The Prototype Remix)
Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Roksonix Dubstep Remix)
Mute Math - Reset
Auto Tune - Double Rainbow Remix lol

p.s. Iv'e had a couple people ask me what my macro/keybind setup is if you want a copy pm over wcm or whisper your skype to me on illidan and ill be happy to send you my list of macros and keybinds I currently use.
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