Hit Mastery: Last Breath - Rogue World PvP movie by Hitmaster
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Darksorrow ( Rampage )
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So first of all, this vid has nothing to do with arena. I always prefered 1v1 and world pvp over arenas and I probably always will. Except for duels, I usually kill noobs.
Its not possible to win 1vN vs pro players. I dont think Im any close to pro. This movie is meant ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!

What to expect:
-Another undead rogue
-World PvP, duels and one BG scene
-Some machinima/references
-Some outdated material
What not to expect:
-Flawless Gameplay
-Famous names
-To have same musical taste as me.

If you dont like any of the points listed above, I recomend you to not watch this video as its most likely not for you.
List of music, addons and programs used is in credits.

I play both assasination and subtlety.

I started recording months ago, had several breaks from WoW since then and I though wont continue playing in Cata - Thats why I called this Last Breath. However, after watching
several Cataclysm videos, that I liked very very much, Ill give it a shot I guess.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to PM me here on WCM.
Nice comments/constructive criticism will be appreciated.

PS: Thanks to Garagh for helping me with photoshop and creating the picture above :)
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