4 Men vs Sunwell Plateau by Khamúl
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Krasus ( Vengeance )
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4 Men vs Sunwell

Kalecgos :
2 Tanks / 2 Dps
No great difficulty on this fight, only the last 10% were dangerous for tanks

Brutallus :
2 Tanks / 1 Dps / 1 Heal
One of more difficult. Succeded to down it before the 6 min enrage was very hard : 20k raid dps are required for down it. We had to optimize the stuff and the specialization of the tanks to reach it; after more try at 5%, 1.5% ect.... ^_^

Felmyst :
1 Tank / 2 Dps / 1 Heal
No difficulty except the breath. No wipes on this boss :p

Twin Eredar :
1 Tank / 2 Dps / 1 Heal
Heal on this bosses is an obligation and is very difficult. Each players had to watch his life even more than on the other bosses. Heal is often stun and self-heal (Word of Glory, Life Drain ect...) help him and is an obligation to survive.

M'uru :
1 Tank / 2 Dps / 1 Heal
P1 is very hard and long, because there is a lot of adds and dps M'uru in the same time is difficult without being submerged.
P2 is more simpler, even if damages at the end is important for a single healer who often bump.

Kil'jaeden :
1 Tank / 3 Dps
No heal in this fight, we had to keep a good dps to chains phases quickly. (Restricted at 2 Dragon's shield by phases (Except P5)) Warlock tank KJ, and DK tank the adds. Only sefl-heal. Most hard was to survive and to accustom to the fight to perfectly chain phases.

Good watching and sorry for my bad English :p
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