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Hello WCM,

This is a guild-promo/humor/pvp movie.

PART ONE - Guild PvP mostly in AB during the AB weekend. Some of this is a bit zergy, but that's battlegrounds for you. I didn't fraps when we were playing other preforms since I didn't want low framerate effecting my play. The only reason I put the scoreboards in was just to give an idea of how we did against other preforms. The screens are against full alliance preforms. We were not full ourselves.

PART TWO - Duoing BGs with my healbot, er friend, Melkeor. Again, I note the arena ratings of some of the alliance not to say that they were amazing players, but more to point out that they weren't bad.

PART THREE - 1v1s, 1vNs. There is a Shadowmourne warrior with T2 shoulders and a Deadly Gladiator Paladin (a loss) in this segment.

GUILD - THUNDAH CATZ (US Archimonde Horde) is still looking for good players who are also good people. If interested, contact [email protected] or post in the forums at thundahcatz.guildomatic.com
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