ScrubBusters vs Nefarian25N (moonkin PoV) by GTmoniq
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
#17 World Kill on 25man according to Wowprogress

Blackwing Descent, Nefarian
17th december 2010

The fight is decently tuned and at this current state of game when majority of players are still at heroic gear level (ilvl ~346), representing a solid challenge for most of guilds, especially on 25man.

We forced 2 crackles in p1, 2 in p2, and the rest in phase 3. Also in phase 1 you can notice 3 people going offline for a bit aswell, seems the encounter is somewhat glitchy for people.

Point of View:
Balance Druid

There is a video with additional healing point of view (link below)

Subkulture feat. Celldweller - Erasus (Voicians Remix)
Subkulture feat. Celldweller - Erasus (Escapist Remix)
Voicians - Trigger

ScrubBusters is a top alliance guild from The Maelstrom EU with realm firsts from wotlk such as Algalon, Yog with 0 keepers or Earth, Wind & Fire. Cataclysm is the new challenge for us and we will compete for all realm firsts, aswell as climbing world rankings a bit higher. And ofcourse, our media will bring you videos from such an events.

Balance Druid PoV:

Resto Shaman PoV:

ScrubBusters Youtube channel:

GTmoniq's Youtube channel:

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