Rethen - Cataclysm Mage PvP by Rethen
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Blutkessel ( Sturmangriff )
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I made this movie mainly for entertainment purpose!
This is no showcase of skill and I clearly did mistakes due to my long break from the game.
And I didn't make this movie to prove anything either!

It's not my fault, what blizzard has made of the mage. I play this class since vanilla and have seen good times and bad times. I play this class no matter how strong or weak it is compared to other classes, so don't downrate me for that kind of reason.
This is no showcase of skill!

You sure are surprised to see me back again.
It wasn't planned to come back, it more or less has pretty much just happened :)
It felt like I had a job to finish here.

This is my first Cataclysm PvP movie.
Dont expect too much tho, I'm a bit rusty since I've had a huge break from the game (this is a new character).
I did mistakes!
For optimal quality please use the download option or use HD Stream.

Songs are to be found in the outtro. And please don't mind the combat text in the first clip.

Hope you enjoy the video,

Rethen aka Renow (Blutkessel - EU)

(My Youtube channel

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