Just F**ked My Ex - I Just Had Sex Parody - Wow Cataclysm by pobble
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world of warcraft cataclysm music video

Just Fucked My Ex - Music Parody video of "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely

Island. Made on the spur of the moment ofc - i guess thats where the real

fun is :). I've been a follower of TLI since the days of stuff like The

Backseatsman and started writing this parody within about half an hour of

watching the original video - thanks a lot to everyone who helped out.

Song Details

Key - E minor. Up a minor 2nd from the original
Tempo - 90bps. Up approximately 6 bps
Length - 54 bars. Kept the same

The chorus is sung an octave lower because i cant even get close to the

range of Acon. All vocals and most guitars are doubled. The only thing i'd

change to the vocals is maybe use a bit more compression on my own vocals

but otherwise they seem to work. The drums were put together using

Mixcraft 5. Usually I'd do this by hand in Beatcraft but I wanted to get

this video out before xmas so i was kinda pushed for time.


sometimes, a moment of total filth happens in this world
and you know exactly how to express yourself so...

Just fucked my ex, and it felt quite good
same woman let me slip my willy inside of her
just fucked my ex, and i'll never go back
to the not fucking ex ways of the past

have you ever fucked an ex? i have it felt filthy
it felt so good when she tugged on my willy
same woman let me do it - i literally just came
fuckin ex can can make a nice man out the meanest

Never guess where i just came from - just fucked my ex
best if i dont describe it - was the best
when i fucked the ex man my willy got wet
and i called up the clinic right after i was spent

oh hey mother fuckers - guess what i just did
fucked an ex, thats right, licked her boobies and the rest
was sure nice of her to let me do her cow style
nice of any girl ever - now sing

Just fucked my ex, and it felt quite good
same woman let me slip my willy inside of her - I wanna tell the world

To be honest i'm surprised she even wanted me to do it twice
makes perfect sense - you screwed it
i aint one to argue with a dripping pussy, she could be my wife,
that good?
yep best 20 seconds of my life

i never grumble when a girl's that easy to let me do her
cuz honestly i would've had sex with her grandmother
but the smell of a younger girl is so much better
and she let me do my thing where i dance on the dresser

so this one's dedicated to them girls that let us pump our jizz into of

on the bed or the floor, or outside on the lawn, we wanna thank you all

for letting us fuck you

but i've done her once before
doesn't matter fuck an ex
and i know she is a whore
doesn't matter fuck an ex
and i think she might be jewish
doesn't matter fuck an ex
she put a rubber on my end
still counts

just fucked my ex, and my dreams came true
if you fucked an ex in the last 30 minutes then you're qualified to sing

with me


just fucked my ex, and it felt quite good
same woman let me stick my willy inside of her
just fucked my ex, and i'll never go back
to the not fucking ex ways of the past

On the first writing, the lyrics were pretty er... high brow shall we say.

I toned them down a bit haha.

One of the jokes in the video makes a reference to Total Biscuit. He's a

well known world or warcraft commentary style video maker thats at least

as outspoken as i am - check out his channel here:

just fucked my ex i just had sex wow world of warcraft the lonely island

cataclysm smokeycow theunforgiving tauren warrior very sexy cow horde

allicance pvp deathwing etc
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