Freetime Druid -Ep.3- Christmas Retribution by Khayllys
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Scilla ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary we are our Xmas episode...we worked about a month on this...not counting days I spent lvling cuz cata came out ..This machinima has some slight Southpark and Happy Tree Friend themes so if you are offended by that kthnxbai
FYI our guys just wouldnt log onto vent so we had NO male voice actors for this...I had to do em
In this episode we explore Seras' character some more....
We also adressed some real issues of WoW...
Worgen starting guilds called Team Jacob or JB fangirls
FYI2 If you like any of the things we make fun of dont be offended we do this all the time I'm faily neutral on everything we do in this series and we even make fun of ourselves all the time so....
People had been complaining ever since Worgen were announced that they were gonna b furries...well here you go Seras has been made a furry GG
We also made a reference to Old Man Struttin' That Ass...look him up its funneh
So should we continue the Southpark+Happy Tree Friends Style?
Any complains should be taken up with Rawr9able aka Shadow cuz she writes the script
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