Geneticlol 6.5 - Fire Mage PvP - Watching the World Burn by Geneticlol
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Chamber of Aspects ( Misery )
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Movie Summary

I tried to make a Geneticlol 7 in Cata but rogues wern't what i thought they would be and i decided to not make a movie. A rogue movie that is. As my wow time runs out soon and i had a rogue in 85 and a mage in 80 i thought it would be impossible to make a mage movie at 85, because everyone was already in full pvp gear.

So i decided to make a level 82 mage movie. The movie wasn't edited by me, it was edited by Lewis Farley, check out his youtube channel hiaa;

Tracklist is in the movie.


Addons: SnowfallKeyPress



EDIT: Taking a break from WoW, no new movies for some time. Thanks for the good timed
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