Rogue Rouge 2v2 4.03 by Kaidiy
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stonemaul ( Cyclone )
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Kaidiy's Arena Team 1
Kaidiyy Fatexx
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What's up wcm, long time no upload. I've taken a break from my warlock and chosen to level my rogue first. This is a rogue/rogue 2v2 arena video with skype that I made in the span of a night. Fatexx and I (Kaidiyy - Stonemaul) were getting bored of running the usual Mage/Rogue and thought it would be fun to try out double R. We expected to mainly burst targets down and have matches end in seconds. How wrong we were. We found ourselves taking turns tanking a dps while the other recouped around a corner, the result was a few 20 minute games.

I mainly recorded these games for strategy. As our rating started climbing I started to seriously consider running RR for the rest of the season, but strats were hard to come by. So after added 1 or 2 edits and some nice background music I uploaded them for Fatexx to see. I was surprised at the positive feedback we were getting and decided to upload it to WCM.

As of right now Fatexx and I are both back to running Mage/Rogue, but we've talked about rejoining later in the season for a "real" video. The feedback from this one will help us decide.


Armin Van Buuren - Virtual Friend
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