Raiko - Boiling Blood by Raiko
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Raiko's Arena Team 1
Raiko Pukamon
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I do not claim to be the best warrior in the world or anything, this is only to entertain you!

Hey :P so heres another vid from me, i wasnt really gonna make one with warriors being so beast as they are right now, but honestly i got bored, and saw some old videos that inspired me to make one anyways!

What to expect:
Alot of Inner Rage usage, wish they didnt change this spell :(
Overpowered FOTM class assraping baddies all around the globe (mostly while doing Tol Barad Dailies)
Both some Fury and Arms PvP Scenes
Mostly 1v2, two 1v1 fights vs ferals, just cuz i can
some inside jokes (NS)
Pukamon being retarded
Abit overedited scenes, very fast phased indeed
hopefully you will be entertained

around 9.4k AP was used in the making of the vid, ive improved my gear since then, was only wearing around 2400-2500 resilience back then

armory link here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ragnaros/gronock/simple

Quick songlist:

Linkin Park - Requiem Intro

Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita
Dead by April - Angels of Clarity
Korn - Freak on a leash / Blue Stahli - Mystique (Remixed by StreamLine)

Linkin Park - Iridescent Outro


Believe me when i say, this video is NOT about skill, specially not how warriors are atm!

Special thanks to Strifuhn, Bellsprout and Raythunda for helping with my video!

constructive criticism and comments are always appreciated

-Love Raiko, Sylvanas Eu
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