Cruuxe - PvP I by Rythmn
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Rythmn's Arena Team 1
Ruarron Cruuxe Insaniity
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Hey viewers!
Obviously if you download, the quality will be better, I RECOMMEND IT! :D
AND if you think I deserve it, give it a skill point!

Himn Bros is deserted :(
I've decided to swap classes and play a hunter!

Hunters seem to have no love, and there are hardly any hunter videos on WCM! (Or anywhere else lol) I dont know what made me play a hunter, but here I am.

In this footage you'll see the following (By order of video):
- Tol Barad PvP
- Random Duels
- 3v3 Arena (Insaniity, Ruarron, and Cruuxe)
- Skype (Montgomery & Cruuxe)

I know I make mistakes in ours 3s comp 90% of the time, but bare with me since its my first time playing the hunter class in arena ever. Looking forward to this patch to buff hunters so I can go back to the MM spec. (I hate survival)

The comp we're playing is pretty wack, mostly just doing it for points and such.

1. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (GMix)
2. Gemini - Blue
3. Escape the Fate - There's No Sympathy For The Dead
4. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
5. Wiz Khalifa - Stack Money
6. Far East Movement - Rocketeer
7. The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings

Major Addons
- Xperl
- Dominos

Remember that this isn't a showcase of my uber skills or vs some hardcore opponents at 2500+ rating. Its simply a hunter video and since there are none, I thought I'd upload one :)

Also, for those of you downrating on the undead race. Im not playing the race because I think its the best racial in the game (Because it definitely is not), I simply just love being undead :)

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