50g+ per hour, Rogue grinding by Atroxes
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Executus ( Reckoning )
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Accidentally I noticed that when doing the quest "Of Forgotten Memories", given to you by Tirion Fordring in EPL, you have click a grave to summon 4 mobs, which when killed, drops your quest item. Funny thing is though, after killing them once, you can simply pickup the quest item and keep summoning that same pack of mobs, over and over again. The silver drops range in between 5-25 but when looting all 3 lootable mobs you usually end up with roughly 50s and some runecloth/greys.

With my current spec (20/31/0) and gear, I can kill these using Blade Flurry and the Earthstrike trinket. With Adrenaline Rush and/or Evasion it's way easier than I show in this little clip. Poisons also help you alot here.

Good luck with the grinding!.
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