Full Epic 120 Energy Rogue PvP-Dahis by Dahis
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kil'Jaeden ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This is my last video before quitting WoW, it is comprised of most of the footage I was able to get through 600+ server queues in the last couple weeks, and a pretty significant amount of editing on my part. It's mostly made up of outnumbered world pvp and top-geared duel opponents chosen based on their supposed difficulty within the Rogue forums.

A couple notes:

-I'm using Dragonfang Blade, Corehound Tooth, and Nightslayer Shoulders, but I changed all the graphics client-side. I know that can be confusing so I thought I'd go ahead and clear it up.

-My main mods are Discord Action Bars, Nymbia's Perl Unitframes, CCwatch, Carnival, Spell Alert, and Titan panel.

-You won't see much Berserking because of a good-humored pact I made with a friend. We put up with that gimp crap up until about a month before quitting the game, might as well pretend we still don't have any useful racials. It's still not great, you won't miss much.

-The Ambush-Blind-Gouge opener on the Epic UD Shadowpriest is really uncommon (I've never seen it before) but very effective. It's essentially like landing Ambush-Gouge (which can be difficult on a moving target) and then using Thistle Tea because of the free Energy regen.

-The Expose Armor without breaking Gouge that I show at the end is 100% reliable, it just takes a bit of practice. Opens up a lot of possibilities against a number of different classes. .
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